Rosa Luxemburgs Linseneintopf

Lentil Soup with slices of sausages

5, 90€

Brauhaus- Kesselgulasch        
Stir fry with meat, onions, peppers and beer

5, 90€

Franz Biberkopfs Lieblingseintopf   

Potato soup with slices of Frankfuters

5, 90€

Fresh Salads

Münzhof- Salat        

Fresh Green Salad with warm Pineapple,

Slices of Turkey and Youghurt Dressing

8, 90€

Eisbergsalat in Balsamico- Vinaigrette     

Iceburg Lettuce salad with smoked salmon and

pumpkin in a Balsamic Vinegrette

8, 90€


Tomatosalad with Mozzarella and Basilikum

8, 90€

Brewery Classics

Bierkutscher Steak         

Pork Steak with mushrooms and potatoes

11, 90€

„Marcus- Bräu“         

Fried German Sausage with fried potatoes

and Sauerkraut

10, 80€

1 - Meter –Rostbratwurst       

1- Meter of original homemade fried German Sausage

with fried potatoes and Sauerkraut

13, 80€

Pfälzer Saumagen         

Special German meat dish, comes with mashed

potatoes and Sauerkraut

13, 50€

Geschmorte Schweinshaxe  

Pork knuckle roasted in the oven in dark beer sauce with

Sauerkraut and potatoes

11, 90€


Traditional German unleavened Bread

Elsässer Flammkuchen        

Cream cheese, bacon and onions

8, 90€

Flammkuchen „ Marcus- Bräu“

Cream cheese, salami, Mozzarella and Oregano

9, 10€

Flammkuchen „ Brandenburger“      

Cream cheese, bacon, spinach and onions

9, 20€

Flammkuchen „ Italia“        

Cream cheese, tomatoes, Mozzarella and Basilikum

9, 40€

Flammkuchen „Appledream“

With appleslices, cinnamon and apple sauce

8, 90€

Eating like at Mum’s House!

Flambéed pork  filet    

A tender pork filet flambé, comes with rosmary potatoes and pepper sauce.

The filet is flambéed during the serving with a

burning delicious schnapps

15, 50€


Roast beef, typical like grandma used to make,

comes with red cabbage and potato dumplings

12, 90€


Ham, Gouda Cheese, Gorgonzola, gurkens, tomatoes,

onions, olives, butter and bread

7, 90€


Pork roasted with crackling comes with potato dumplings,

Sauerkraut and beer sauce

9, 90€

House Specials


Heeringfilets in cream sauce with apples, cucumbers, onions and fried potatoes

10, 90€


Bread comes with a very special German cheese, gurkens and dripping

8, 50€

Berliner Sülze          

Jellied meat in cream sauce, apples, cucumbers, onions and salad

9, 80€

Bayerischer Leberkäse        

„Leberkäse“ with fried potatoes and fried egg

9, 90€

Strammer Max

Bread with bacon and fried eggs

8, 90€

Gebratene Hähnchenbrust

Fried chicken, comes with warm pineapple and rice

12 ,50€


Schnitzel “Berlin”        

Breaded piece of pork with warm potatosalad

12, 20€

Schnitzel “London”         

Breaded piece of pork with mushrooms and fried potatoes

12, 90€

Schnitzel “Budapest”        

Breaded piece of pork, in tomato, pepper and onion sauce with fried potatoes

12, 90€

Schnitzel “Rom”         

Breaded piece of pork, added with tomatoes and Mozzarella with fried potatoes

13, 20€

Schnitzel “Paris” Cordon bleu

Breaded piece of pork filled with cheese and ham, comes with mushrooms and fried potatoes

13, 40€

Schnitzel “Wiener Art”        

Breaded piece of pork with a fried egg and fried potatoes

12, 40€

Marcus Bräu Pils (Light) or Dark

Marcus Bräu Pils(Light)

0,3 l    2, 60€

0,5 l    3, 70€

1,0 l    7, 40 €

Marcus Bräu Dark

0,3 l    2, 80€

0,5 l    3, 90€

1,0 l    7, 70€

Marcus Bräu Special

1  Meter Pils                  14,80€

1 Meter Pils or Dark Beer

1  Meter Dunkel             15,60€

Get twelve, pay for ten

1  Meter Pils& Dunkel    15,20€

Marcus Bräu TOWER

Pils        22,20€

3 Litres to pour yourself

Dunkel   23, 10€

Liqueurs from our own production

Kräuter- König

Herbal Liqueur based upon traditional Family recipes

2cl   1, 00€

Braumeister- Bierlikör

Beerliqueur with a smart fragrances of hoblossom

2cl   1, 00€

Kaffee- Edel- Likör

Wholesome with a gorgeous taste

2cl  1, 00€

Himmlische Liebe


2cl  1, 00€